• We will need a sketch or drawing of the kitchen layout, with as many dimensions as possible. If you are getting new cabinets, your cabinet company should have a diagram they can provide. Submitting digital photographs along with your drawing will assist in getting you an accurate quote. Please choose one of the following options to submit you sketch: e-mail, fax, or hands deliver it to our office where one of our professional staff members will be happy to assist you.

  • Proposals are based on customer's cabinet layout, drawing or a rough sketch. This will result in an estimate only. The template will determine the final price. Any changes after the template may result in additional charges.


  • If there is an existing countertop must be removed. We can remove countertops as part of your contract.

  • Cabinets must be installed any properly prepared for countertop installation. This includes but is not limited to, structurally sound, straight, level and square walls and cabinets. Lack of which may cause poor installation and poor seam fit, or inconsistent countertop overhang and placement. If cabinets are not properly secured to the floor and walls or if a cabinet is missing our technician will not be able to make your template.

  • Your sink (including the template that is with the sink) must be at the job site when we arrive to make the template of your countertop. We will take the sink to our shop, to insure a proper fit. If the sink is not available at template you will have to deliver it to our shop prior to fabrication.

  • It is important to determine your sink base, prior to the purchase of your sink, Any modification of the cabinets required to accommodate your sink would void our warranty

  • If your sink is to be an under mount you must know the weight of your sink. Any sink weighting more than 45 lbs must have support. It is the customer's responsibility to have the support in place prior to the template.

  • The template process does not include qualification of any sink or stove cutouts (any cutouts), faucet hole locations or cabinet sizes. We are not responsible for verifying of sink, stoves or other cutout appliances, cabinets and faucet hole locations fit together well, or at all. This is the responsibility of the homeowner, general contractor at the like. We will fabricate cut outs per supplied model/template information, but we are not responsibility for the accuracy of the information or attached.

  • All other items such as faucets, cook-tops, bay windows, hoods, range, downdrafts or anything else that requires cutting of the stone, needs to be at the job site, but not yet installed or attached.

  • Appliance garages are installed after the countertops. If you are having garage installed to make sure you advise your cabinet supplier to not install until countertops have been installed.

  • You or your representative must be present to approve and sign off on the template. You will need to verify all the information including placement of cut outs, overhangs, splash heights, etc.


In order to begin fabrication of your new countertop a template must be taken, material and color selected, drawing and final proposal must be signed. If there are any price adjustments after the template a change order must be signed prior to fabrication. Once these have all been completed you can expect your new countertop to be installed between 12 to 16 working days.


Installation is approximately 1to 2 full days.
Before the installers arrive please check the following:

  • Any items in the sink basic cabinets must be removed and all drawers pulled.

  • If there are temporary countertops they must be removed.

  • Sink plumbing and garbage disposal must be disconnected (the installers will need t move the slink into position). Faucets must also be removed if they have been installed. We do not do plumbing of any type.

  • Stone counters are very large and heavy and there needs to be a clear easy path free from clutter. Anything that is at risk of being damaged is your responsibility to make sure it is one of the way, protected and not in the path of the installers.

  • The installer will need access to electricity and water. We will be doing same detailing in your kitchen and/or bath. There will be some dust so take precautions.

  • Cook-tops need to be disconnected. Ranges and refrigerators may have to slide out if the space is too tight. Ranges and refrigerators should be moved out of their cabinets to allow the installer free access to all countertop edges. It is your responsibility to move and/or disconnect all appliances as Counterkraft and its installer will not responsible if anything is damaged.

  • Counterkraft recommends that you remove wall-mounted or hanging mirrors and glass shelves. Should you elect to leave these items on the walls during the installation process, Counterkraft will not assume any liability for damage and/or replacement costs.


  • You or your representative must be present to sign for final job approval and pay the balance of the account.

  • You will be required to sign a completion form. This is your opportunity to not only check the quality of the material and installation of your countertops but also to make any comments concerning the entire experience. We would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

  • You will need to check your countertops and if you have any concerns, this is the time to bring them to our attention. Failure to notify us at this time may result in future claims being barred.

  • You may compromise the seal of the caulking fit it is not allowed to cure properly. We advise scheduling your plumber the day following the installation (24 hrs).


  • The joint between the stone and the wall shall not exceed a maximum of 1/4.

  • The joint between the backsplash and the wall will be caulked, but will need to be painted by the homeowner.

  • The joint height between the two adjoined at the scam shall not exceed a maximum of 1/32.

  • The joint width between the two pieces adjoined at scam shall not exceed a maximum of 1/8.

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